Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

A Vision From God

This article is a testimony to God's love for His children, including the details of our lives. The lives of ordinary sinners like you and me.



I had to make a huge decision regarding my job of 40 years, and I needed to figure out which way to go. One night God showed me a vision. He showed me which path to take, or actually, which path not to take. 


I was a 40-year employee of a Public Hospital, and the pressure to retire was getting huge. 40 years without a written warning in my file, well, until the hospital hired a director to eliminate employees close to retirement age.


Suddenly I was under investigation and consistently harassed in my work area. But, of course, nothing was ever found. It was all about the harassment.


And, then, a second investigation, and again nothing was found, but they were trying hard to find something.



I was on the hospital's second floor in an empty conference room. I knew I was in trouble and waiting for someone, but I did not know who.


The door opened, and the CEO (E.M.) looked at me and did the come here thing with his finger. No words, just the finger motion to follow him.


There was another man with the CEO, but I did not recognize him. We walked to a door that was locked. The man with the CEO had the key. He tried to unlock the door, and it would not open. He looked at the CEO but said no words. He tried again. The door still would not unlock. Again he looked at the CEO without speaking. The CEO stared at me like I had caused something to happen, a death stare with no words. I woke up.


Two Days Before Christmas


My employer called me two days before  Christmas and guess what, another investigation. Please don't come to work until we contact you. I avoided all their calls to participate in the investigation against me until January 2nd. On January 2nd, I had the SEIU Union Representative turn in my retirement letter. I have yet to speak to the hospital since their call before Christmas.


I had to retire 10 months before I was 65 when full retirement is 66 1/2. I could have used SEIU to fight for me again, and they probably would have saved my job. But I have had other visions that have been true. I see the vision of the locked door as God closing it and not allowing it to be opened. Why would He do that? I've worked there for 40 years, most of my adult life. The pay was good, and I had friends. Why would God close the door?


God Set Me Free

Fighting for my job or suing my employer for wrongful termination are both stressful paths to take. The new boss was my Judas. He was an evil man, but he had to do what he did so that God could lead me to freedom.


I was very nervous about going from a paycheck with overtime to a retirement income. But guess what. It has been the best year of my life. Finally, I get to manage my time. No time clock. For the first time in my life, I feel free.


This article is a testimony to God's greatness and love for His children, including the details of our lives. He used a vision to show me the path to freedom. Now I spend a lot of time with my home church. I also run an online Christian store. I am living as a free man. Thank you, Jesus.


Joe Lach


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