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Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

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I know this is common. I have heard many stories of people who "wouldn't die" until a particular family member arrived. This is a testimony to God's love and perfect timing. It also shows He is involved in the personal details of our lives.  
So much wind
I can hardly see,
So much speed
It's going to set me free.
I had to make a huge decision regarding my job of 40 years, and I needed to figure out which way to go. One night God showed me a vision. He showed me which path to take, or actually, which path not to take. 
A few feet in front of me, there appeared a translucent figure of a person. I could see it and see through it at the same time. I could not tell if it was male or female...
God talks to people today. Sometimes it's that quiet, still voice. Sometimes it's not. One of the ways He communicates is by bringing people up to the first Heaven and showing them things. Almost 10 million people have had near-death experiences. Many of these experiences have been documented by hospital staff. 

One night, my wife and I were leaving a "Shamu After Dark" show at Sea World in San Diego.

My wife kicked something, picked it up, and handed it to me. It was a wallet. I did not open it as nobody was close enough to talk to, and it was dark...

In this post, the trees are the scriptures. We should all know the Holy Bible, scripture by scripture, word for word. I am not being sarcastic. That is what we should all know. But I also know that that will not happen for me, and maybe not for you, either.

I didn't want to be there, and I didn't even get out of my truck. I see the driver who was hit, standing outside of his vehicle. I rolled down my window and said Hey, Brother 

I got into my car, looked up, and said, "You know you're driving." So I drove around town to see what the Holy Spirit might show me. 
This post addresses the almost universal acceptance of Peter as the founder and first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. That is just not true, as Peter never went to Rome.