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Hassle-free returns - 30-day Return Policy

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Near Death Exerience - God is Still Talking to Us

God talks to people today. Sometimes it's that quiet, still voice. Sometimes it's not. One of the ways He communicates is by bringing people up to the first Heaven and showing them things. Almost 10 million people have had near-death experiences. Many of these experiences have been documented by hospital staff. Not all of them are good. 

We've all heard stories of grandma on a bridge beckoning someone to cross over to the other side. Bright lights, green pastures, a feeling of joy. These are the light NDEs. There are dozens of books about them, many written by medical doctors. Doctors who realized that their experience was not a dream or a chemical reaction. Doctors trained in medical school to believe that human consciousness comes from the brain. Biochemistry and electricity like little experiments running inside your head. Yet there the doctor is, conscious without a brain. Their body was not brought with them. No brain, but self-aware, fully conscious. Life changing. 

God talks to the worst of the non-believing sinners as well. These are called dark NDEs, and they are literally and figuratively darker. People don't usually share them like the light NDEs because it would be like sharing an indictment. No thanks. I used to be a non-believing sinner. I was handed an indictment. 

At age 42, I had a heart attack. A full arrest. The emergency room doctors shocked me 5 separate times. On the 5th shock, I sat up screaming, then collapsed back onto the gurney. I woke up in ICU on a ventilator with a stent in my heart. The nurses charted my screaming. After I was weened off the ventilator, one of the ER doctors came to ICU to ask me about the screaming. 

Out of Body

I found myself out of my body in what looked like outer space. There was wind blowing, and it felt like I was moving. I knew I had a family, but it seemed insignificant compared to what was happening. It was dark. The only thing I could see were the things that lit up on their own. No other source of light. I knew I was out of my body and not in control. It was dark and scary. I didn't see grandma on a bridge beckoning me to cross over. 

Two spirit guides were taking me somewhere. I could hear what they were saying even though they had no lips and I had no ears. We were moving for a while, and then I saw it.

The Life Review

Hollywood movies often portray the life review as a movie on one screen. One screen, playing one scene at a time. Kronos time. Minute by minute. That is not what I saw. As we moved, off to the side I could see a great number of "screens " playing my whole life at every age, from childhood to adulthood, all at once. It was like trying to watch a million movies at the same time. Kairos time. Not Kronos time. It was as if my whole life was happening all at once. If I had the power of an angel, I could have just stepped into any part of my life at any moment. Is this the way God views our time on Earth? It's all happening at once. I could see up ahead where the Life Review was ending. 

An Angel of the Lord

Suddenly a giant blue orb appeared. It looked like a planet, but it was an Angel. Like the Spirit guides, the Angel had no lips, but I could hear it talking to me. And again, I had no ears, but I could hear. It was like we were connected. The Angel was clearly in charge and kept trying to get me to ask him a question. The Angel was not asking me a question. The Angel was waiting for my question. 

Silence is not Golden

I did not know what to ask. I had not read the Bible. I was not following Jesus. I really had no idea what I was supposed to ask. The conversation was about the life review, but I had no words. Finally, getting angry that I was not speaking, the spirit guides yelled at me, "Ask him!" "Ask him!" the second time louder than the first. I was scared. Now there was yelling.

Mercy Me

Surrounded by Your glory

What will my heart feel?

Will I dance for You, Jesus

Or in awe of You be still?

Will I stand in Your presence

Or to my knees, will I fall?

Will I sing hallelujah?


I can only imagine.

This song haunts me every time I hear it. Do you think you are ready? Will you be able to speak at all?

God's Grace and Mercy

I knew I would not be back in my body if I saw God. What was supposed to happen? What question was I supposed to ask an Angel of the Lord? Two spirit guides yelling at me, and an angel waiting for me to respond. I would not defend myself. I had no defense. I would not ask for mercy. I would not speak. I seemed willing to perish without a fight, and a feeling of doom was coming over me rather quickly. 

Suddenly, as fast as it started, it ended. God's grace and mercy put me back in my body. I was gasping for air, and then I screamed and collapsed.

What Did God Want Me to See? 

This encounter lasted only a short time. But it was long enough. So what did God want to show me? What did he want me to come back with?

That God exists.

That Angels exist.

Angels can be shaped like orbs.

I saw a blue angel. Not the jet. :)

Non-angelic spirits exist, such as spirit guides.

Spirit guides are allowed to yell at you. 

The Angel never yelled at me.

Life reviews do happen, and they are not like Hollywood, and there is an accounting.

The first Heaven is a dark space that feels windy even without a body.

God has grace and mercy for non-believing sinners.

A Question for the Angel

Sometimes I feel like I have separation anxiety from the other side. I could see and hear without eyes and ears. I understood what I was seeing even if I couldn't explain it. Everything seemed so connected and complete, not disconnected and flat.

I am now a follower of Jesus. Among other things, I am part of my church's prayer team and try to serve as God's hands and feet and then testify for Him. 

I don't want another NDE. But I think now I might have a question for the Angel.

If my life review was not going well, and if spirits were yelling at me, if I was nothing but a broken sinner about to perish, would I not ask for Jesus? Would I not ask if Jesus knew me? Would I not ask if the blood of Jesus is covering the sins I have committed? Would I not cry out to the Father, thanking Him for the sacrifice of His Son and asking him to please show me mercy?

Or would I be able to speak at all? 


Joe Lach


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