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The Day the Holy Spirit Told Me to Stop Whining

A testimony to God's grace, mercy, and wondrous love.


Social Anxiety

I left my introverted comfort zone and joined my church's prayer team. One day I was praying in front of everyone, and it was awful. Seriously awful. It made me question if I should be doing this. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to be in the prayer group, but now I was embarrassed, my social anxiety soaring, and I didn't go the next day.

But I prayed all night about my social anxiety when praying in front of a group of prayer warriors. The following day, instead of going to the meeting, the Holy Spirit was going to show me something.

You're Driving

I got into my car, looked up, and said, "You know you're driving." So I drove around town to see what the Holy Spirit might show me. I didn't know if it would be a beautiful rainbow, a homeless person I should stop and help; I had no idea what I would see. But as I rounded the corner, I saw the Catholic Church. Our local Catholic Church's main sanctuary doors are not open unless the parking lot is full of cars. But on this day, I noticed that the main sanctuary door was open, and there were no cars. As I saw the open door, I turned into the parking lot without thinking about it and realized that that was my destination. I looked up and said, "Are you going to tell me to become a Catholic"?

The Lesson

I got out of the car and went inside the sanctuary. There was some electrical work in the back of the room, which is why the main door was open. I walked down to the first row before the altar and sat down. I closed my eyes and prayed for the Holy Spirit to show me what I should see. Then, with my hands raised in the air, I slowly opened my eyes and saw the large beautiful altar. Above the altar, on the wall where my church would have had a cross, this church had a large crucifix. Jesus hanging there in all his pain and all the suffering he did for me. And then what God wanted to show me became apparent.

This is the day the Holy Spirit told me to stop whining.


the day the holy spirit told me to stop whining


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