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A Witness for Two - Jesus is Calling

This post is a testimony to God's grace, mercy, and incredible love that He will use a sinner like me to be His hands and feet.

The Accident

I was sitting at an intersection, waiting for the left light to turn green. There was a truck in the lane next to me, waiting to go straight. Suddenly another truck came from behind and slammed into the back of the first truck. Both trucks slowly drove off when the light turned green and pulled into a gas station parking lot. I was in the left-hand turn lane and could not go straight ahead, so I continued to the post office when my light turned green. I saw both drivers drive off and meet in the same parking lot. I did not feel compelled to find them. Two guys in trucks, one might be happy that I was a witness for him, but the other might not be happy I showed up. So clearly, everything was okay for me to continue to the post office.

The Post Office

That is until I got to the post office. Suddenly, this huge conviction came over me to return to these two guys. I did not want to go, and I argued with this conviction sitting in the cab of my truck. But I could not shake the conviction. He would not take no for an answer. So I drove back to where they were.

Two Guys

I didn't want to be there, and I didn't even get out of my truck. I see the driver who was hit, standing outside of his vehicle. I rolled down my window and said Hey, Brother and motioned for him to come over to my window. I told him I'd seen the accident and had to turn left, but I came back to see if they were okay and if he needed a witness. I confessed I didn't want to come back but had this huge conviction to return and said something about being Christian. The driver responded, "What church do you go to"? I told him. He then asked if I knew his friend JoelH. I said yes, I knew JoelH at two churches and went to his memorial (that was at my church). The driver said he was JoelH's best friend and was at my church's memorial. Okay, fine. I gave him my cellphone number and said I was his witness.

The Other Driver

I then pulled forward to the truck that had caused the accident. The driver was sitting in the driver's seat with the door open, and his legs swung out, head looking down at the ground. I stopped my fairly large truck in front of him, and he did not look up. I said Hey, Brother, and he looked up, and I said, "Are you okay"? He got a big smile and gave me a thumbs up that he was okay, so I waved to him, and I drove away, realizing that one of these men needed a witness and the other man needed someone to care. God used me to be his hands and feet to both of them. None of that was me. I did not want to be there. I did not want to be a witness. I don't usually look for trouble. Anyway, you get it. What a testimony to God's grace and mercy that he would use a sinner like me to be his hands and feet.

Joe Lach


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