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The Forest and the Trees

There is a saying don't miss the forest for the trees. In this case, the word "for" means "because of." So don't miss the forest because you are so focused on the single individual trees that you miss the size and beauty of the forest. 

This saying was first used by King Charles II when talking about the Pope and the lack of help for the poor people in his country. This saying has its roots in the subject of God. 

The Trees 

In this post, the trees are the scriptures. We should all know the Holy Bible, scripture by scripture, word for word. I am not being sarcastic. That is what we should all know. But I also know that that will not happen for me, and maybe not for you, either. So we memorize the scriptures we can. Some of us are better at it than others. We learn our core scriptures, such as John 3:16, anxiety scriptures, and daily scripture mantra. I know to be strong and courageous. And there's nothing wrong with that. We should always memorize the things that help us defend our faith, keep our own hope alive, and keep us full of the Holy Spirit. You should fill up with scripture as much as you can. 

The Forest 

The scriptures point to God, so the forest is God, not the Bible. How do you see the forest without having first seen the trees? Well, there are ways. God has allowed medical science to enable people to cross over to what a doctor would call death, what the Bible calls the Torn Veil, what Jesus calls sleep, and what science fiction calls a dimension. God is alive and well talking to his children today. Over 10 million people have reported having a near-death experience where they knew they were out of their bodies and could recall what they were shown and told. Some people have visions that are not part of a near-death experience but are nevertheless spiritual. If either of these events leads a person to a church or the Holy Bible to learn more about this God, then the whole experience was from God. 

The Body Disconnect 

Talking to my Christian friends about my near-death experience is hit or miss. I even asked one of my Christian sisters, "Do you know who doesn't like to hear about near-death experiences"? Without me saying anything else, she responded with the word "Christians." Yes, it's a thing. Christians like scriptures and are often afraid of the spiritual. But, on the other hand, those individuals who have had a near-death experience, and that experience lead them to a church or to the Bible to investigate what they have seen, tend to be quite spiritual. They don't know as many scriptures as the other people in their church, but they know what they saw, what they heard, and what they felt. 

The Body of Christ 

1 Corinthians 12:20

As it is, there are many parts, but one Body

Paul wrote several times about the Body of Christ. He wrote about how each of us plays a role in that Body. We were not intended to be the same, and each of us brings our gifts to the Body of Christ. But for the Body to be complete, to do what it is that God intends to do with this Body, it must include both those who came in through the trees and those who came in from the forest. If you look at the person with their arms raised in the air worshiping, and you think they're just being emotional, and you don't understand the spiritual because you've never felt it and therefore question it, then you do not understand The Body of Christ. But to the Forest - You will hear the people around you quoting scriptures and praying those scriptures out loud. Praying long prayers that you would have trouble making and sometimes even understanding. You must accept this as the Body of Christ.

Ready yourselves. The Body of Christ must include both the children from the forest and the trees. That is what God intended. But wait. What scripture did you find that in... 

Joe Lach 



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