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Time of Death

I wrote this post about my sister's passing and God's gracious timing.  

I know this is common. I have heard many stories of people who "wouldn't die" until a particular family member arrived. This is a testimony to God's love and perfect timing. It also shows He is involved in the personal details of our lives.  


My younger sister Ana had been sick since she was six years old. Developing arthritis at age 6 and living another 50 years made her bones so weak that she would get a fracture just by standing up wrong. She lost a leg due to an infection before her passing. 

Ana was a believer. Long before I was. She also volunteered at her church, and being in a wheelchair did not stop her. Ana had many medical issues most of her life but never lost her faith. I found it inspiring how her condition did not cause her to turn away from God but to turn toward Him.  

Ana was admitted for the last time, and our sister Linda flew out from Alabama to be with her, and I was close enough to drive to the hospital to see her.  

Ana had multiple hospital admissions. At first, I did not know this would be Ana's last admission. I was balancing my time between visiting her and going to work. I knew Linda was with her, so I felt ok going to work.  

The Holy Spirit

One day at work, I was overcome with dread, like I needed to see Ana right now, like a panic attack, but not about me. I told my boss what I felt, and she was kind enough to let me leave work. In fact, she commented on that feeling being "a thing." So I drove a little over an hour and got to Ana while she was still breathing, and Linda was already in the room.  

Not long after I arrived, Ana's breathing got worse, more end-stage. Eventually, it was shift change on the nursing floor, and none of the nurses or techs were in Ana's room. She was a no-code, so it was just the three of us siblings together for the last time in Ana's hospital room. In a sense, it was perfect.  

Time of Death

As Ana struggled with each breath, I leaned in and told her it was ok to go. And then, knowing this is not biblical, I told her to go save us a place. She took a couple more breaths and then stopped breathing. The ER MD came up and pronounced her time of death.  

I had to keep working some of my shifts. Linda had to come from Alabama to California. Yet, God put Linda and me in Ana's room, alone with her, at the perfect time.  

As I said at the beginning, I know this is not unique, but it is my testimony to God's grace and mercy in my life. The life of a sinner.  


Joe Lach 


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